The modern person's guide to living in the present

By David Cain


The present moment is your home, 100 percent of the time, yet most of us aren't very well-practiced in living here.

Manual labor, abundant face-to-face communication, and a slow pace of life used to keep people in much better touch with the here and now. Today, life is fast, stress levels are high, and we're more preoccupied than ever.

Living in the moment, with a sense of ease, peace, and wonder, is absolutely achievable for ordinary, working people. But most of the current how-to materials come with a spiritual or religious slant, are often dry and wordy, and aren't particularly practical. They often don't address the reader's main question: How do I actually do this in real life?

I decided to create a guide for everybody -- not only the spiritually inclined --  that explains how to apply mindfulness to an already full life, in order to regain a sense of ease, peace, and wonder. I wanted to keep it down-to-earth and mysticism-free.

The guide is designed to help anyone create a lasting habit of mindfulness within about a month. The practices are simple, they take almost no additional time, and there's a lot of flexibility. Incorporating even one of them into your daily routine will make a considerable difference in the amount of peace and stability you experience in your life.

You Are Here is available! Here's what you'll get.