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It’s another Monday morning, do you know where you are?

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I have no tattoos, but I’ve always loved them on other people. I just haven’t found anything yet that I’m sure I want on my skin forever. An English backpacker I knew, who had dozens of tattoos visible, told me over bubble tea that he loves his because each one reminds him of where he was in life when he got it.

Trying not to be rude, I asked him why he needed those reminders to be permanent features of his body.

His answer was that there was nothing more important to him than to never forget that his life used to be something really different than it is now, and that it was real. They remind him that right now is real, even though life will look really different to him when he looks at them a year later.

“If I’m going really let myself enjoy life and not stress I need to know at least that,” he said. “That I had a lot of lives already and still have heaps to go.” I didn’t quite understand and he seemed to sense that, but finally the right thought found him: “My tattoos make me remember I’m here.”

A year ago I asked a quick question of you and the response blew me away. I wanted to know where you are right now in life, what little “corner of time” you were in, and how you got there.

My corner right now looks so different than this time last year, including where I am physically, what’s on my mind, what’s on the horizon and what’s behind me.

It fascinates me that we’re all so complex and yet it’s so rare that we get someone’s own words about where they are in life right now. Everyone walking down the street has a complete setting and backstory for the very moment they’re in, and it’s always a total mystery to us. Except right now, if you’ll share with us.

So tell us, where are you right now? What is your corner of time like?

I’d love to hear updates from anyone who posted last time, and new storytellers too.

This is how you do it, as I put it last time:

Look away from the screen for a moment. Take a half-minute off from your blog-reading and look at the people and objects around you right at this instant. Get a good feel for the moment’s scenery and emotional tone, and when you’re done, read on.

(Do it now.)

So you’re here. First of all, where is “here” right now, physically, and how did you get to this moment in life? How does today feel for you?

What’s on your mind? What is huge for you right now? What keeps returning to your thoughts? Free association is fine.

Where does it feel like life is headed right now? What’s coming up? What seems to be exiting your life right now?

Even if you don’t normally comment, please do.

I’ll share mine in a bit.


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Trina March 26, 2013 at 10:21 pm

I’m currently at work, in an office in Manila, Philippines. I recently transferred from a low paying job that I don’t like to a job which I’m now learning to hate with somewhat better pay. I don’t hate my job because of the work itself, I hate it because of the people. I know there’s politics everywhere, be it in school, church etc. But I’m sick of it, totally sick of it, as I left my previous job because of people grouping together and hating a certain person just because. I see people like that as bullies and mean girls and it’s like I’m back in high school. I just recently transferred so technically I’m still a newbie but I feel as though I’m not welcome here. As I don’t know what I want in my life yet, hopefully in a few month’s time I’ll learn to love being here or better yet discover what I like to do. I know I’m still young, maybe I’m just putting too much pressure on myself. I am still hoping that things would change for the better. Btw, great articles, learned a lot from you and thought catalog :)

Joanna April 22, 2013 at 4:22 am

I am lying in my bed, in my apartment in the city. I live alone. No pets. No boyfriend. I have now been absolutely single for a year. It feels good. I spent almost my entire twenties back and forth between two relationships. I miss one of those people terribly, or perhaps just the idea of him. But I can say, without a doubt, that I wouldn’t go back and change a thing. I have learned so much about myself and life to have any regrets.

Just typing this makes me appreciate where I am, as I have always feared that I would never be fully self-sufficient. Not even in reference to a relationship, but more of a financial issue. I have always been extremely shy (social phobia, they call it:)) so my job prospects were few. I have forced myself to face some of my fears and of course, the results were very rewarding. I still have many to go though!

Tonight, I worked at a concert and then struggled to finish a paper. I’m feeling a bit guilty for not sleeping right now. I spend all of my time at work or doing homework. I have never been so dedicated to school before. It feels good but leaves me little time to do what I enjoy. Reading your blog is one of them.

My day-to-day life has drastically changed over the last few months, although my ultimate goals are the same. The difference now, is that I finally believe I can achieve those goals. As a result, so many of the things that I used to spend my time on, I no longer find useful. I got drunk for the first time at 15 and in that moment thought alcohol was the most amazing discovery I would ever make– it allowed me to talk to people!! Nearing 30, it’s finally starting to lose its appeal. Going out and getting drunk with the same people at the same places, night after night is not getting me anywhere. This didn’t matter when I didn’t think I would actually reach my goals. I now believe that I will, and that makes all the difference. I will be super interested to look back on this in a year from now.

Joanna April 22, 2013 at 4:45 am

While I know this is not important for anyone but me, I forgot to list one of my biggest struggles, that has bothered me my entire life. I want to document it here, so I can see where I am in a year. I’ll make it short:

I have never believed I could be consistent with my health. I hate exercising, but know that I have to do it in order to stay fit. So my weight is always fluctuating. I will painfully do what I have to do to get to an acceptable spot, including exercise and unhealthy calorie restriction. But once comfortable enough, I quit working out and start eating more. Inevitably, I gain weight. Once I’m frustrated enough, I will start all over again. I have been extremely frustrated lately so I decided, thanks to one of your posts, that I am going to get healthy and stay that way. I’m two months in and have seen no results. This is rare, but may have to do with the fact that I am not trying to starve myself this time. Because my goal is to be healthy, not skinny. Before, I would have given up after two months of pain with no gain. But this time it feels different.

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sally September 3, 2013 at 1:06 am

I am in Perth, Western Australia, in an eerily quiet office with white walls and blue-grey cubicles. The sky is cloudy, I can hear the wind and see the light rain falling as I look out towards a mult-storey carpark, and the hills beyond. There is the faint sound of an emergency siren, and I am glad (as I always am, hearing sirens) that the emergency is not mine, today.

I am in my forties, I am employed, I have a husband and two beautiful boys. I have a healthy diet (vegetarian with vegan days, if labels are needed) and pretty healthy lifestyle. We recently paid off our house, and we are working on paying off some investments. My husband has cut back to a 4-day work week, and perhaps in time I will too. I have been seeking balance and growth for some time. I love your blog, and I have also been following minimalists blogs for the past year and simplifying our home.

There is a federal election here this weekend and I am concerned at where my country, the lucky country, is going right now. Not enough gratitude, far too much fear.

I am one of the luckiest people in the world. I have wealth, security, all of my immediate family are well, and I have equanimity. I wish everyone could be as fortunate.

fight club quotes April 10, 2014 at 5:10 am

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sapna June 9, 2014 at 10:51 am

i know its a very old post and I dont know should I be posting now or not.

Right now I am in my office guest house, in my room. I am here at the client location for official work and I am not able to decide whether i should satay or leave.

Not Waving But Drowning June 12, 2014 at 7:23 am

I’m British but have lived in Montevideo teaching English since the start of the year after 4 years in Argentina. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? All I do is work. Teach, sleep, eat badly. That’s it. I’ve always been bad at making friends but I’m becoming a recluse. It’s like some sort of social anxiety. The twin devils of being too tired to go out and do anything, and the conviction that I’m not a very nice person anyway so no-one’s going to want to talk to me even if I did, conspiring in their vicious circle. (I’m so damn monosyllabic they’d have a job anyway). I moved abroad after several serious of severe depression I nearly didn’t make it through. I’m scared of it returning. I’ve been single for about 7 years now. I don’t see that ever changing. I’m 40 and an introverted workaholic. What’s to love?

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