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Why there’s no ad here anymore

Websites cost money to run. Hosting, email subscriptions, design and repair cost hundreds of dollars per month for a site this size.

For a while I had network ad banners in order to offset some of these costs. I don’t like ads personally, but I figured readers can just ignore them or use software to block them.

But they never felt right, especially when they display something dumb like “Five foods you should NEVER eat!” or “Date Asian Girls! The site author has no real control over what ads appear, and very few of them reflected the message of this website.

I want you to come to this site because it’s helpful to you. My goal is to make your life better, not to have you leave the site by way of a scummy ad so that I can make 80 cents.

So I’m done with the network ads. But I am still left with the costs. Many readers have expressed a desire to help support this site. Here are two ways:

1) You can make a donation (via PayPal). Anything helps, even five dollars. Donations will only ever go towards paying the direct costs of the site.

2) You can consider buying You Are Here: A Modern Person’s Guide to Living in the Present (more info here.)

In any case, I’m glad you’re here and I thank you for coming.


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