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About Raptitude

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What is Raptitude?

Raptitude is a blog about getting better at being human.

We never think of “being human” as something you can get better at, but it is, and your skill level is the biggest determining factor in how good your life is.

Getting better at being human comes down to how good you are at a set of skills that schools don’t teach:

  • Managing your moods and reactions
  • Stopping your mind from talking so much
  • Losing your self-consciousness and shyness
  • Getting over the past
  • Setting up a life that makes use of your talents
  • Quitting habits that drain you
  • Dealing with problems without getting mad
  • Enjoying ordinary moments like waiting for the bus

…and dozens more. Learning these skills pays incredible dividends, in terms of how much day-to-day each and joy your life generates for you. The fascinating thing is everyone wants to be happier, yet relatively few people make a point of learning the skills that really make a difference in their level of happiness. Instead they pursue bigger incomes and nicer furniture.

Quality-of-life-related skills have been the primary focus in life for the last fifteen years. I read a ton and experiment on myself, and I write about what works on this blog.

Raptitude gets over 200,000 visits in a typical month, and over 20,000 people get it every week by email. Welcome. I think you will like it.

-David Cain


Photo by David Cain

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