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Yesterday I released my new mindfulness guide, via private email, to the small group of early-birds who signed up for email updates on it.

It was a huge hit. I really couldn’t believe it. Thank you so much everybody! I spent pretty much the whole day interacting with readers, it was just fantastic. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Today, You Are Here: A Modern Person’s Guide to Living in the Present is available to everybody else. (Early-birds, this is basically what was sent to you yesterday — check your inbox!)

I know a lot of you have been waiting for this guide for a while, so if you want to skip the preamble and get it now, you can get it here.

But some of you will want to know more about it first.

If you read this blog you’ve definitely heard me rave about the endless benefits of mindfulness. Nothing has made a bigger difference in my quality of life, and I make this point over and over again with different anecdotes and points of view. I’m now more confident, more calm, less frazzled and less worried. Mindfulness has even made my cooking better. 

The mindfulness habit does that. It has these incredible secondary benefits that work in the background. Aside from helping to reduce mental chatter, and experience more peaceful moments throughout your day, it brings new clarity and possibility to pretty much anything you do, because everything you do requires your attention.

Here are a few of the things mindfulness habits can do for a person. I have experienced all of these benefits personally, and a lot more:

  • Lower your stress levels, and become less easily upset
  • Stay relaxed when things aren’t going your way
  • Overcome cravings more easily
  • Find yourself looking forward to ordinary activities such as walking and driving
  • Figure out your hangups (around sex, money, and other things) and begin to get over them
  • Find a sense of inner peace in ordinary moments where nothing exciting is happening
  • Have sensitive conversations without chickening out (asking for a raise, giving someone bad news)
  • Enjoy un-glamorous activities you once hated (like cleaning, or taking out the garbage)
  • Overcome your resistance to physical exercise
  • Be content in situations that are uncertain or unsettled
  • Rediscover a sense of wonder and personal freedom

You will also probably find yourself getting better at seemingly unrelated things: mowing the lawn, folding socks, maybe even throwing a Frisbee. You’ll see.

I want everyone to experience the benefits of learning to use your attention on purpose. So over the last few months (as you probably know by now) I wrote You Are Here, which is meant to be a complete manual to establishing the mindfulness habit.

The guide is centered on a dozen small, easy practices, which you can do virtually any time, even while you’re doing something else. Making a habit of even one of them is enough to make a significant difference to the ease and peace you experience during your day. (Even a Monday!)

I’ve made it as easy as possible to establish these new habits, by taking advantage of two principles:

1) Attaching the practices to simple actions that are already habitual for you, such as putting on your shoes, getting in your car, or dialing your phone. This makes mindfulness a regular habit very quickly, without the uphill battle of beginning a habit from a standing start.

2) The practices are short and simple (and often fun) instead of tedious and boring. This isn’t like trying to make a habit out of going running at 5:00 in the morning. These are simply better, easier, more effective ways to do what you already do, and they will leave you with several mindfulness habits in a short time.

I really think you will love it.

The guide is $27.

So for the price of a forgettable restaurant meal (without drinks) you’ll get:

  • The three-part, 127-page guide You Are Here: A Modern Person’s Guide to Living in the Present (in PDF format). You can download it instantly.
  •  mobi and epub versions of the guide, for use with Kindle, Kobo and other e-readers (currently these are in beta)
  • I’ll also be revising and expanding You Are Here, based on early reader feedback. I’ll be adding sections on specific mindfulness applications, including sections on Mindfulness for Overcoming Shyness, Mindfulness for Becoming a Fit Person, and more. You’ll get the first updated edition for free (End of May 2015)

Click here to get the guide now

Thank you so much everyone!


NOTE: A lot of people have been asking for a credit-card-free way to buy You Are Here. So I’ve set up an option to use PayPal on this page. Please let me know if you have any trouble, and enjoy the guide.

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Ariana November 15, 2014 at 3:07 pm

Some sample pages would be great. I keep coming back to your site debating whether or not to buy. I’m sure it will be wonderful like most of your writing.

vitamin d council November 20, 2014 at 10:00 pm

Thanks for finally writing about >You Are Here <Loved it!

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