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July 2023

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In all my years of school I never studied. Chapters from the textbook were assigned regularly, but I didn’t feel like I could read them. I didn’t know how to stay interested enough to absorb any knowledge from them.

Studying, for me, amounted to looking up bolded words in the glossary and trying to remember what the teacher had been talking about when she said, “This will be on the test.”

I was well aware that studying is a normal thing people do, an obvious and straightforward solution to school’s challenges, just as washing the dishes in soapy water is an obvious solution to having an unsightly pile of dishes in the sink. Whenever I sought instruction on how to study, however, it was assumed that one could simply read a textbook when necessary, and I could not explain why I couldn’t do that.

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Imagine a world like ours, except that it’s fish that became the most intelligent creature. Somehow they learned to harness tools and technology, and built a fish civilization as advanced as our own.

In this world, fish travel between sea, air, and land with ease, using little hover vehicles. Their technology allows them to have fish cities, complex fish politics and fish economies, fish entertainment, fish fashion, fish philosophy, and fish science.

Modern fish are able to live lives their premodern fish ancestors couldn’t have imagined. They can be accountants and bus drivers and FR managers. They can even live in places where there’s barely any water — they just import food and water from the ocean, or ocean-like farms.

It’s been millennia since fish had to subsist by living in the open ocean, dodging sharks while cruising for food. Entire fish empires have risen and fallen since that time, and now only a few rare hobbyists, like the guy on the TV show Survivorfish, have any ability to survive on their own in the wild.

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