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Today’s article is a guest post by Josh Hanagarne from World’s Strongest Librarian. Read this post with reflection; it says much more about humanity than may appear at first glance.


“And I held the hands while she died. Those hands that hit me.”

She had come into the library to check out a book on grieving. As she talked about the passing of her mother, she seemed to forget that I was in the room — or that the room existed at all.

In that one sentence I heard the best and the worst of humanity — all reflected in these amazing tools hanging from the ends of our arms.

She may never think of me again, but I will never forget her. Read More

Today’s post is a guest post by Josh Hanagarne from World’s Strongest Librarian. Enjoy!  ~ David

My high school government teacher Mr. Weeks remains the best instructor I’ve ever had, and that includes my undergraduate and graduate studies. I still quote him about once a week – more often during crises.

One day he asked us all a question that I’ve never forgotten.

“What is Freedom?”

He didn’t seem surprised when someone raised their hand and avowed, “Freedom is being able to do what you want.”  It was what we were all thinking.  Before we could begin nodding, Mr. Weeks laughed and shouted “Wrong!”  He was tickled that he’d led us into another trap.  He straightened his tie, cleared his throat and said:

“That’s exactly what’s wrong with the world.  People think they want freedom, but what they want is anarchy.  Doing whatever you want isn’t freedom: it’s anarchy.  When anarchy is the norm, that’s when society starts sliding into the ocean, and at that point… good riddance.  Anarchy is for losers and punk bands.”

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